Configure Gmail to work with MO.S.T.

 Log into the admin console as the Google admin account for the domain.

Go to Security, Basic Settings

Scroll down to Less Secure Apps and click on the Go to settings for less secure apps

Choose Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps and click Save in the bottom right of the screen.

Log into Gmail as the user that that you will be using to send emails from MO.S.T.

Click on profile circle in the upper right

Click on Connected Apps under Sign-in & security

Scroll down and turn on Allow less secure apps

Setup MO.S.T.

Log into MO.S.T. as the Admin

Go to System Setup Files, Company Card Info

You can go back in and send a test email

To test if emails were sent, use the Reports section of the admin console and go to email log search

Choose the date and enter the recipient's email address, then click search