1. Redesign Call Entry Screen 

2. Call Scripting 

3. Call Entry screen show appointments by date and technician 

4. Department Manager Dashboard 

5. Additions to attaching images 

              a. Select camera to use rear or web

               b. Fix program holding camera active after picture has been taken

 6. Customer search optimization 

 7. Redesign E-Mail Screen– removed “New Email Field” 

8. Ability to e-mail from marketing/training brochures 

9. Tax Logic Change 

10. Purchase Order—New Category 

11. Dispatch Board 

              a. New print schedule reports 

               b. Resize dispatch board across 2 monitors 

12. Create Customers that do not transfer to accounting (Leads) 

13. Ticket Review

             a. View images 

             b. Show warranty 

             c. Line Item Detail 

             d. Print documents 

             e. Expand/Shrink Grid 

14. Misc. Fixes and additions 

             a. Able to login and open program without internet access (no print screen) 

             b. Tablet Map shows total distance and tim