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Duplicating customers for different billing codes

It would be so much easier if most created a "duplicate customer" option, where all you would need to do is change the billing code. That way, you wouldn't have to re enter the customer three different times if you need to bill from three different companies. Also, I wish most had more customizable features. Like making font smaller, or changing background colors. Just a little pep to add to its steps.

Another great thing to add would be for the dispatch board. Where you can pick more than one billing code at a time to view on a single board. I have three billing codes I am monitor at all times, but sometimes I only need to view two, it would be nice to be able to take the third one off without having to make three different screens for the boards...

Also, when we try to pull technician averages this gets tricky. They should add a sales tech option in there somewhere, that way the technician that sold the job still gets credit as opposed to the technician that did the work.

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Hi Kara

1. The reason we cannot just switch bill codes on t he fly is because it affects the accounting side and pushing to QB or sage. The link is already established under 1 bill code in the accounting program when the customer is created if we change it after t he fact the ticket will not post

2. You mean able to show multiple departments?

3. We already have this feature in the program and i can call you and show you how it works



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