Press Release: Mobile Software Technology, LLC Partners with ISU Corp. to Provide Innovative Solutions to Benefit Field Service Industry

TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – MO.S.T. Contractor Software, a leader in service and work-flow management software for the HVAC, Plumbing, Contracting Industry, and ISU Corp., a high-tech company specializing in professional software development and consulting services, partner to be a technology innovator and offer services to truly benefit the field service industry that is embracing technology and looking to leverage mobile technology to increase profits and productivity.

Since its inception in 2010, MO.S.T. has expanded to not only better serve the needs of its existing clients but also its future ones. With over 600 users currently on the system in three years, companies like the focus on empowering the technician with tools to better represent the policies and procedures of the company to the client. The field service employee is the face of the company to the customer. Providing him/her with the ability to be more professional, present options better and show an increased level of professionalism is designed to increase revenue and productivity at the area that has the greatest financial impact on the company.

ISU Corp. is located in Ontario, Canada and brings a team in excess of 80 highly skilled developers and designers to give MO.S.T. the depths in skills needed to compete at all levels. “Mobile Software Technology, LLC and ISU Corp. are teaming up to provide world class software solutions and industry consulting that enables companies with field service workers the ability to optimize their business performance,” explained Wayne Lipkus, President of MO.S.T.

While contractor mobile software programs are not new, MO.S.T. stands out from the rest because it focuses on industry best practices. It also does not dictate to the end user what he needs but instead listens to what the owner needs and offers him the tools to make it happen.  Through its “open architecture” mentality MO.S.T. strives to incorporate the knowledge of the users to make a better program for ALL.

The software optimizes scheduling, contains features to assist in increasing sales opportunities and reduces redundant data entry. With such an effective and professional approach, service contractors can distinguish themselves from the competition and easily attract and build more business. Designed to work with any Windows laptop or tablet PC, MO.S.T.-Contractor includes dispatch scheduling, time card tracking, integration to QuickBooks, dashboards, reports and pivot tables that support a wide range of tools for monitoring and managing key performance indicators.

“MO.S.T. helps its users take good care of customers by creating a service experience that is second-to-none,” Lipkus says. Is the program for you? According to Lipkus, “The program is for companies that are forward thinking, progressive and that want to embrace technology as a means for increase profits and efficiency, not just to print a pretty invoice. We feel it is not a question of if we are the best software out there but if we are the best for what you want to do with your company. Is your business worth 15 minutes of your time to find that out? I like to think so.”

About Mobile Software Technology, LLC

Mobile Software Technology, LLC is the developer behind MO.S.T.- Contractor, a program that’s designed to reshape the way HVAC / Plumbing / Electrical and related contractors deliver products and service through innovation and technology.

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Operating Manager, Mobile Software Technology, LLC

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